Open door day


Kavim i Volvo

27.04.2017 27.04.2017 in "Autoprevoz"- Konjevici, it was held "Open doors day", organized by companies "Kavim" and "Volvo". In friendly atmosphere, among friends, bussines associates and employies, presentation was held about news in theese companies. Selection of presentations has been held for youngest traffice professionals - students of Traffic school in Cacak. Among them we disstinct presentation of Krsto Lipovac, professor of traffic faculty from Belgrad, on traffic safety.

Ambasadors of Sweden and Israel were present, directing words of support to these companies. Also, new hybrid busses were presented. Majors of Cacak, Kraljevo and Novi Pazar - cities where Kavim company is doing bussines- have been informed about their positive influence on city traffic.