Transportation "Door to Door"


Dear customers,

 Strarting from 1st of Jun, 2017 , we can offer you new service - "Door to Door" journey. 

To all of our clients that travel from/to Belgrade, we offer:

1) If you travel from Cacak to Belgrade - our vehicle will transport you to your final destination address in Belgrade.

2) If you travel from Belgrade to Cacak - our vehicle will take you from your starting point address in Belgrade. 



Important notices are:

- Allowable addresses can only be addresses that are in Zone 1 of Belgrade public transportation system (photo down).

- This service is accomodated by using regular line busses on Cacak - Belgrade (Belgrade - Cacak) route, and further transport in Belgrade by special vehicles. 

- Service price is  199 din ( not included ticket price ČA-BG or BG-ČA).

- For this service you must apply latest one day before your journey takes place, from 08:00h - 20:00h every day.

For now, this service is possible for 4 departures Cacak - Belgrade and 3 departures Belgrade - Cacak, daily, accordint to table:

ČA-BG: 02:45h   05:00  08:00  14:00

BG-ČA: 09:00     13:00  16:30

For more informations, contact us via email or mobile phone 381 63 611 744.

Your "Autoprevoz".